PhD Communication Rhetoric and Digital Media: Fall 2015-2020

North Carolina State University 

Master’s in English Studies: Fall 2015

Middle Tennessee State University

Bachelor’s in Psychology: Fall 2008

Middle Tennessee State University

Double Minor in English and Recording Industry/ Production and Tech.

Courses Taught

English 101 “Composition”

English 101 “Academic Writing and Research”

COM 267 “Electronic Media Writing: Theory and Practice.”

COM 367 “Multimedia Production and Digital Culture” with Lab

COM 427 “Game Studies”

Conferences and Speaking Events


T. Mark Bentley. Alumni Career Forum. Invited Speaker. 

Middle Tennessee State University (Spring 2018)

Bentley, T. Mark. “Ants and Grasshoppers: the work and play of expressive game design.”

CRDM Symposium (Spring 2017)

Download Game Here


Andrews, Kendra, T. Mark Bentley, Desiree Dighton “Archiving Social Media, Video Games, and Electracy: bridging disciplines and promoting literacies in first-year composition”

Computers and Composition (Spring 2016)

Bentley, T. Mark, Arlo Hall, Brandon Hardy and Caroline Williams.”Disorientation: Conducting Brainstorming Sessions”

Lipscomb University Writing Center (October 2012)

Bentley, T. Mark, Tom Cruz, Brandon Hardy. “Building Physical and Digital Writing Center Communities.” Workshop Facilitator

Tutor Collaboration Day  (March 2014)

Bentley, T. Mark and Brandon Hardy. “Writing Out in the Open: Developing an Open-source Creative Writing Platform.” Panelist

Conference on College Composition and Communication (March 2014)

Discussion of the use of Google Docs and how it can be used to not only foster collaborative writing, but also to expose the writing the process.

Bentley, T. Mark, Tom Cruz, Brandon Hardy and Sarah Rivas. “Multimodal Community: Adaptive Technology in the Writing Center.” Panelist

Southern Writing Center Association Conference (February 2014)

MTSU Writing Center Orientation 2013. Moderator/Discussion Leader

Led conversations on writing center pedagogy and implementation with new graduate students.

“Groups in the Writing Center” Panelist/Moderator

Tutor Collaboration Day (April 2013)

Panel member discussing experience with leading the MTSU Creative Writing Group and how that group benefits the Writing Center, (International Discussion Groups, Creative Writing Groups, etc.)

Bentley, T. Mark. “Choose Your Own Relationship: An Exercise in the Suspension of Disbelief.” Presenter/Performer

Scholar’s Week MTSU (Spring 2013)

A multimedia performance where the audience is given a scenario and chooses the outcome of the narrative.

Bentley, T. Mark, Brandon Hardy, Mary LeDoux.”A Journaled Shift: Shadows, Reflections, Pretutoring Internships.” Panelist

International Writing Center Association Conference (IWCA) in San Diego (October 2012)

Discussed the common issues that occur when individuals transition from being students to becoming tutors.


Bentley, T. Mark, Arlo Hall, Brandon Hardy, and Caroline Williams. “Disorientation: Conducting Brainstorming Sessions”

Lipscomb University Writing Center (October 2014)

Bentley, T. Mark, and Caty Chapman. “Writing Effective Conference Proposals.”

Central Magnet School (October 3, 2014)

Squirrel on game controller.png

The Multimodal Mind: Using Video Games to Teach Semiotics

Middle Tennessee State University (November 17, 2014)

Writing Responsibly: Citations and Research

Middle Tennessee State University (October 10, 2014)

The Workshop Workshop: How to Conduct In-Class Workshops without Previous Teaching Experience

Middle Tennessee State University Writing Center (February 2012)


Invited Speaker: Alumni Career Forum. Middle Tennessee State University.

Spring 2018. $800

Graduate Assistant: North Carolina State University

Fall 2015-Spring 2019

Graduate Assistant: Middle Tennessee State University

Fall 2013- Spring 2015

Travel Grant for International Writing Center Association Conference

Fall 2014. $500 from MTSU School of Graduate Studies.

Travel Grant for Southeastern Writing Center Association Conference

Spring 2014. $500 from MTSU School of Graduate Studies.

Travel Grant for International Writing Center Association Conference

Fall 2012. $175 from MTSU Writing Center.


CRDM T-Shirt 1.3 Front

Logo Design Communications Rhetoric and Digital Media

2018 T-shirt and Symposium

Poster and Logo Design: 2017 CRDM Research Symposium

Editor and Designer:

Communication Rhetoric and Digital Media Newsletter 2016 North Carolina State University

Web DesignerCSymposium 2017 Robot 01 Transparent Banner1

MTSU Writing Center Handouts online. Summer 2014

Peer Mentor

MTSU Writing Center Summer/Fall/Spring 2014-2015

Resources Committee MTSU Writing Center. Leader

Fall 2013- Spring 2014

Creative Writing Group Logo.png

MTSU Creative Writing Group.  Leader

Fall 2013-Fall 2015

MTSU Writing Center Manual. Editor/Writer

Summer 2014

open mic night.png

Fostered Partnership with Starbucks and University Writing Center to Host Open Mic Nights Twice a Semester

Fall 2013-Spring 2015

MTSU Writing Center Manual. Editor/Writer

Summer 2013

2013 University Writing Center (UWC) Commercial. Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Co-producer

Memberships/ Organizations

College Composition Curriculum

Fall 2013 -Present 

International Writing Center Association (IWCA)

Fall 2012 – Present

National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)

Fall 2013 – Present

Southeastern Writing Center Association (SWCA)

Spring 2014-Present

Professional Development

Ball, Cheryl E. “Teaching, Writing, Mentoring, Publishing: Editorial Pedagogy and Multimodal Composition.”

MTSU Virginia Peck Series: 28 February 2014. Lecture and Workshop.

Booker, Matthew. “The Use of Visualizations by Historians: Presentation at NC State.”

Coffee and Viz. NCSU Hunt Library. November 2015. Lecture.

Polyak, Emil. “Wire + Animation: Creative Coding with Sensor Data.”

NCSU. November 2015. Workshop.

“Syllabus and Schedule.”

MTSU: July 2014. Workshop.

Lavery, David. “Publishing Workshop.”

MTSU: April 2013. Workshop.

Scholarly Publications

Upcoming Chapter in Unlimited Players: The Intersections of Writing Centers and Game Scholarship.

Bentley, T. Mark. “Dr. Livingston in No Man’s Sky: the Effect of Researching Interactive Media.” First Person Scholar. May 3, 2017.

Andrews, Kendra & T. Mark Bentley. “Multimodal Composing, Sketchnotes, and Idea Generation.” Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy. 22.2. Spring 2018.

Creative Publications


MultiModal Front Cover

Author. MultiModal & MetaCreatespace: 2013. Print.

Compilation of artwork, poetry, fiction, and unsent letters to people of celebrity.  Published on August 20, 2013.


33136973-1Writer, Producer, Performer. Brother’s Bentley. Outside Another Box.  Happenstance Productions: 2004. Music EP.

Singer Songwriter tracks put to funk and rock grooves.  Wrote all songs and performed lead vocals and guitar.

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