Design Work

Game Design

Over the past 6 years I’ve incorporated game design into many aspects of my scholarly projects. Many of these games were built in RPG Maker MV and would explore various issues in the game industry. Others borrowed from the indie game development movements as described by Anna Anthropy and acted as more of an exploration of more humanistic concepts.

A narrative based game describing the events of the 2017 Global Game Jam.
A very rudimentary game exploring the dynamics of work and play through the lens of the Ant and Grasshopper parable.


The Communications Rhetoric and Digital Media PhD program is well known for producing high achieving interdisciplinary scholars who know how navigate the cross section where technology and the humanities intersect. In a effort to help rebrand the department I was asked create a t-shirt design and came up with this logo.

LOGO Communications Rhetoric & Digital Media PhD Program at NC State

NO Skips Podcast Logo

NO Skips is a podcast dedicated to discussing hip hop of a by gone era when WIN-Amp still “whip[ed} the llamas’ ass” and ripping CD’s was all the rage. I was approached to help them with a logo.