Back on the Bike

This summer was Crystal and my 10 year Anniversary.  It was kind of odd celebrating our anniversary during the pandemic. We couldn’t go to a destination in the typical sense (I’ve got a ridiculous desire to go to Disney World, but I’m not willing to risk the exposure during the pandemic). We decided to go out into mountains, which isn’t a strange choice for us, but it was strange not being able to dine out, and having to opt for take out.

The celebration felt muted, for sure, but there was one impression that our trip into the woods made on me. I realized that I needed to get out into the outdoors more often. 

Ideas started working their way into my head on how to act upon this, but I didn’t act on it before winter.  Winter was not good.  I enjoy my work, and I’m fortunate enough to be able to work from home, but I wasn’t getting outside much at all aside from the daily dog walk.

Saxapahaw Ride 04.04.2021

January was the lowest point in the pandemic. I’m fortunate enough to have a boss that I can be open with, and I remember telling my boss in our 1-on-1 that I hit a breaking point and I needed to make a change.   I was just exhausted physically and emotionally.  My physical exhaustion was due to a complete lack of exercise, and mental exhaustion was tied to the lack of focus that is a constant battle for me when working from home.  I made the decision that day to start to work on both my emotional and physical health. I messaged a new counselor, and ordered a very heavy package from a company called Wahoo.

On January 30th I attached my bike to an indoor trainer for the first time, and logged into Zwift. I made it about 3.5 miles on my first ride and was wiped.

I’ve been pushing myself harder and harder each week trying to improve my best times on each segment and sprint. I’ve really been enjoying the change of pace, and I have to say it’s nice to feel my energy level rising, and my emotional energy starting to find a new focus.

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